Six Things Newsletter | December 1, 2020

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll ponders who is liable when a driverless car crashes. Plus, COVID-19 is no black swan; advice for early-stage startups on pricing; how AI transforms risk engineering; and more.


Who Is Liable When a Driverless Car Crashes?

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Now that truly autonomous vehicles are starting to appear on roads, the insurance industry will be called on to perform its usual role as an enabler of innovation: Insurers will quantify the risks and likely cover much of it.

But how should insurers think about the liability for AVs? Will legislatures specify who is responsible for which problems? Will regulators? Will the courts? What principles will guide the decision makers? Where will liability fall?

Using history as a guide, it’s possible to make reasonable guesses at some of the answers... continue reading >

The Future of Blockchain Series
Episode 1: Usage in Personal Lines

Blockchain has incredible potential to impact traditional business functions and inspire new innovative opportunities

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OnStar: Next Step for OEM Partnerships
by Harry Huberty

Insurers hope to create a new way to collect driving data that’s easier for the driver than installing a device or downloading an app.

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COVID-19 Is No Black Swan
by Hélène Galy

There were clear warnings about COVID from credible institutions. The real issue is how we are going to deal with "grey rhinos."

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ESG: Doing Well by Doing Good
by Stephen Applebaum

Insurance is at the forefront of the environmental, social and governance movement, which may usher in a Second Age of Enlightenment.

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P&C Claims: 4 Themes for the Future
by Mark Breading

The extraordinary events of 2020 have accelerated four themes: automating operations; AI for insight; augmenting experts; and new ecosystems.

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Advice to Early-Stage Startups on Pricing
by Ebony Hargro and Jeff Goldberg

Your pricing is a marketing tool that announces how you want potential clients to think of your offering.

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How AI Transforms Risk Engineering
by Jack Liu

“AI could contribute to the global economy by 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined.”

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