How to Calculate Savings From Going Paperless

Automate insurance billing with paperless options to save time and money. Use the Paperless Estimated Savings Calculator to assess potential benefits.

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In today’s business landscape, time saved is money saved. Insurance companies must carefully evaluate time-consuming areas where automation can be most effectively implemented. One crucial aspect that demands attention is the billing and payment experience, as it represents one of the few touchpoints insurers have with their customers.

The adoption of paperless billing has gained popularity as a convenient and reliable way to receive communication. By digitizing bill delivery, insurance carriers can save costs associated with printing and mailing, as well as minimize time spent on manual tasks like envelope stuffing. Additionally, this shift towards digital processes contributes to reducing an organization’s environmental impact.

By leveraging these cost-effective measures, insurers can improve efficiency and optimize their financial performance. To estimate potential savings, utilize the Paperless Estimated Savings Calculator, which helps determine the cost benefits of having more policyholders receive their bills online.

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ITL Partner: InvoiceCloud

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ITL Partner: InvoiceCloud

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