Six Things: February 22nd, 2022

Smart Homes are Finally Getting Smarter. Plus, the power of low-code platforms; a new paradigm for sourcing capacity; and more.

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Smart Homes Are Finally Getting Smarter

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

Despite all the hype for smart homes, I've remained a skeptic for the 30 years or so since I first heard about the concept, partly because there wasn't a standard way for all the disparate devices to talk to each other. There wasn't a sort of operating system for the house, and a bunch of one-off devices weren't going to provide enough benefit. 

Well, three of the biggest guns in the tech world -- Apple, Google and Amazon -- just announced a new standard for communication that will be available later this year. The standard, called Matter, will let just about all new smart home devices, and even many old ones, talk to each other. 

Progress will still take time, and I remain to be convinced that many of the long-touted "benefits" of the smart home -- an internet-connected toaster or the ability to turn lights on and off remotely, for instance -- actually offer anything of value, but at least there will finally be a communication platform that will let companies, including insurers, tie all the benefits together and look for synergies.

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The Power of Low-Code Platforms
by Vinayak Joglekar

Customers now expect exceptional service from all businesses, and low-code platforms hold great promise for businesses’ internal and external users alike.

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A New Paradigm for Sourcing Capacity
by Dogan Kaleli

Capacity-seekers and capacity-providers are starting to recognize the benefits of an organized digital marketplace with an efficient electronic infrastructure.

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Reconfiguring Your Approach to Underwriting

Sponsored by Intellect SEEC

 Explore how companies can lay the groundwork for modernization and innovation by reconfiguring their approach to core systems.

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Predictive Modeling’s New Mantra
by David Zhu

With the power of predictive modeling and its resulting efficiencies, life insurers can simplify underwriting, reducing both time and complexity.

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Getting WC and Long-Term Disability to Mesh
by Heather Garbers

Employers need to build a better bridge between workers' comp and LTD to better manage the common ground between them – the employee’s health.

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Data Modernization Isn't One-Size-Fits-All
by Vaibhav Uttekar

Large and small carriers, in most cases, have inherently different business processes, capabilities and priorities due to their variance in size.

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A Better Approach to Extended Warranties
by Brad Hawkins

Field service management software can digitize steps of the warranty workflow to improve customer satisfaction and provide quality and convenience.

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InsurTech Ohio Spotlight with Ron Rock

Sponsored by JobsOhio 

Ron Rock discusses how the insurance industry is rapidly evolving, and the importance of recruiting and retaining top software and programming talent. 

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February Focus: Blockchain

Sponsored by Gigaforce

While blockchain has been an intriguing topic for some time now, interest has skyrocketed in recent months. 

Facebook said late last year that it believes so much in the "metaverse" that it was changing its name to Meta. Microsoft followed quickly with its own vision of how technology could enable a whole new sort of world, where our selves are disembodied and our interactions occur via virtual reality. Venture capital firms such as Andreessen Horowitz are all over the investment opportunities in the metaverse, sometimes referred to as Web 3.0. And pundits are making bold proclamations about how life as we know it is about to change forever. 

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Sponsored by Rimini Street

In this webinar, ITL Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll sits down with Jim Duggan, vice president, client engagement, global service delivery, at Rimini Street, and Anne Plese, Rimini Street's senior director of product marketing. They discuss how insurers can optimize their data centers and generate savings that can help fund innovation initiatives. 

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