How Women Can Cut Through the Tangles

Women often find themselves constrained. Incremental coaching and education do not cut through the tangles.

One of the greatest revelations for women comes when they fully grasp how dramatically the world can change and what they can do about it. Many women today feel like they’re barely keeping their head above water: They feel hammered by their “to do” list, resentful and resigned or scared and insecure as they furiously tread water. As the world around them changes at a dizzying pace, they don’t know how they can possibly do more, how to better position themselves for success. Some women are content to simply survive, get along and have a small piece of the market. Others set unusually high aspirations. Many are setting new standards both in their personal and professional lives, forcing others to react and move away from the status quo. Around the world, too many women are living at the mercy of events. They feel like victims or they respond to events by acting like victims. They’ve lost their birthright, the power to control their own destinies. They resent that, on a very large scale, women feel “less than” or “not good enough.” They want someone to blame. It’s depressing to watch, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Who wants to be out of control on the things that are important in their lives? Most of the time achieving these high aspirations is not possible with an incremental approach. These women, already successful and stable, understand the requirement for a transformation in how they think about the totality of their career, how they engage with both men and women, how they put judgment aside, how they create compassionate power, etc. But they are not moving forward. See also: Why Women Are Smarter Than Men   Women often get themselves tangled up and constrained. Like Gulliver, they end up tied down by hundreds of strings. Incremental coaching and education do not cut through the tangles. It takes getting to the heart of the matter, staying focused on the desired outcomes without getting lost in the tangles and weeds. Transformative thinking (or innovative thinking) demands clear, compelling and unmistakable desire to change quickly, coherently and effectively to bring about desperately needed and passionately wanted breakthroughs. There is a level of penetrating thinking, focus and intensity to create a transformative way of bringing forth women’s full potential. Through a transformational process, odds for success are dramatically improved. If you want to engage in conversation, if you want to explore how women can move forward, breaking through the tangles and making transformational changes for themselves and those around them, we would like to talk with you. Please reach out to us or check our website at

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