Global Trends 1H 2017: Upside Potential

An uptick in global growth and rebound in employment levels, if sustained, will have favorable implications for the insurance sector.

Key Highlights External influencers: mixed macroeconomic signals
  • Uptick in global growth and rebound in employment levels, if sustained, will have favorable implications for the sector.
  • As central banks turn cautious, bond yield improvements are likely to slow in the near term, implying limited investment yield upside for insurers.
Sector trends: hurricanes to set course
  • Supported by a strong bull run, global insurance stocks continued to rise as several large insurers saw improved investment and underwriting results.
  • Pick-up in long-term buy recommendations for U.K. and E.U. insurers reflect improved analyst expectations.
  • Natural catastrophe (NatCat) losses: Active hurricane season is expected to halt the relatively benign period of losses and limit further pricing weakness that has persisted after 2012.
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  • Addressing the evolving nature of risk through innovation is a key imperative for insurers.
  • Blockchain has now progressed beyond pilot stage, with early adopters looking to gain significant advantages.
  • EY has taken a strong lead in helping insurers create a blockchain-based new-age information infrastructure.
Regulatory landscape: insurers prepare for impact
  • Insurers need to initiate implementation plans to effectively address the changes introduced by the new accounting regulations (including IFRS17 Insurance Contracts).
  • General Data Protection Regulation (May 2018): With more than half of the two-year post-adoption grace period now over, insurers will have to act fast to address the impending challenges.
You can find the full EY report here.

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