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May 24, 2021

Elevating the Capability of Employees with AI based Fraud Detection Delivers Significant Financial Results


AI done right will deliver significant cost savings in claims operations, satisfy customers and make the difficult job of fraud detection and claims processing easier. Sponsored by Daisy Intelligence

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Many insurers are still uncertain as to how the pandemic has shifted the fraud landscape and its impact on their businesses.

Although digital transformation and automation has been underway for the better part of a decade, insurers have been faced with unprecedented and changing demand requiring resilience under extremely testing circumstances. However, one thing is clear; the inability for insurance companies to automate claims processing and proactively identify and mitigate emerging fraud threats is no longer an acceptable business practice as consumers demand better service.


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Daisy Intelligence is a disruptive artificial intelligence (AI) software-as-a-service company that elevates insurance company employees, freeing up their time to spend servicing customers, delivering on their company mission and driving shareholder value. Our products enable insurance companies to automate claims and autonomously eliminate fraud. Daisy delivers recommendations that drive higher profits by reducing fraudulent claim payments and increasing customer satisfaction by reimbursing them quickly. Our system identifies suspicious entities, including claims, individuals, physical places, virtual places, and networks of individuals, for investigation. We identify which claims to process and/or partially pay automatically. Daisy delivers AI done right.

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