Effective Strategies for Buying Auto Insurance




July 31, 2015

Effective Strategies for Buying Auto Insurance


As benchmarks, here are 10 of the most popular cars, along with typical costs for insurance, including common options.

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Shopping for and eventually purchasing auto insurance is not the most enjoyable experience. It’s difficult because each state varies in terms of which specific types of coverage are required and which are not, i.e. luxury coverage. Even more trying is deciding which type of additional coverage you need. Most auto insurance companies profit from the sheer ignorance of the consumer. If you drive one of the 10 vehicles mentioned below, and you are paying quite a bit more than the upper limits, you have a solid case for changing policies. If you do not drive one of the 10 vehicles and are curious about how much you are paying versus what other auto insurers are willing to charge, compare auto insurance now!

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Data is derived from compare.com


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