How Startups Win Customers'​ Hearts

While 2018 saw many legacy carriers conduct pilots on improving the customer experience, it is imperative for the rest to act now.

Customer service is undoubtedly important to the modern, connected consumer. The chief differentiator between legacy carriers and the new breed of agile, digital-native insurtechs lies in the superior, efficient and omnichannel customer experience the latter are able to provide. The rapid rise of companies like Lemonade has shown the benefits that personalized offerings can produce. While 2018 saw many legacy carriers conduct a host of pilot initiatives aimed at improving the customer experience, there is an imperative on the rest to act now in delivering interactive and personalized products, communications and experiences. Based on a 2019 Insurance Nexus survey, insurance executives firmly believe that customer experience will see the biggest impact from the implementation of AI. While there are many barriers for carriers to effectively leverage AI (data organization, lack of technical expertise and ever-increasing regulation, to name but a few), its potential for winning and retaining customers in the future is now beyond doubt. The survey found, among other things, that: --85% of the executives expect to increase their investment in artificial intelligence this year. --30% see the biggest impact on customer service, while 26% expect the biggest changes in claims. --76% expect their personal roles to be transformed by AI. --52% see AI as integral to one of their company's top three strategies. Three carriers who are making great strides in the successful deployment of AI-driven personalized services will join Insurance Nexus for a webinar, “Create Customer Value with AI + Innovation: Personalize Insurance to Win Customers Hearts,” on Jan. 30. You can register here to attend live or to have the recording sent to you afterward. Moderator Stephen Applebaum, managing partner, Insurance Solutions Group, will be joined by: Thomas Sheffield, QBE senior vice president and head of specialty claims; Nicolette de Guia, Allstate head of consumer innovation and design, Allstate Digital Ventures; and Bilal Parviz, Arch Mortgage Insurance vice president of product development. They will explore the approaches carriers are successfully deploying to create valuable customer experiences driven by AI, including: how to move from low-touch to automated underwriting; how to let customers own their claims journey; and how to completely understand your customer.

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