Six Things: December 21, 2021

The real threat to auto insurers. Plus, managing new age construction risks; the opportunity in ecosystems; emerging risks with long tails; and more.


The Real Threat to Auto Insurers

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

For decades, executives at auto makers have complained about all the revenue and profit they create for others but don’t get a taste of themselves. The manufacturer generates, say, $3,500 of gross profit on the sale of a $30,000 car while creating far larger opportunities for others — the commission paid to the dealer, plus revenue from repairs, service, insurance and more.

Auto makers have repeatedly tried to capture more of the downstream revenue related to car sales and are now taking dead aim at insurance. There’s reason to think they’ll make inroads, too, because insurance is increasingly based on data on driver behavior — and auto makers have easy access to all that data.

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An Underwriting Arms Race

Join Denise Garth for an all new podcast featuring Vantage Risk's Gail McGiffin where they discuss what are the underlying drivers in commercial/specialty lines segment, how data is driving the volution of underwriting, and insights in how to change your mindset to achieve speed to market.

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The Opportunity in Ecosystems
by Toni Tomic

Ecosystems are laying the groundwork for a network-based economic order that promises to reshape our lives and our lifestyles as consumers.

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Managing New Age of Construction Risks
by Michael Pignataro

While digitizing has improved customer The global construction market is set for a sustained period of strong growth post-COVID-19, with radical changes in design, materials and processes.

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The Virtual Insurance Agent

Sponsored by Creative Virtual 

With conversational AI, insurance companies can deliver easier and more convenient digital support to customers, improve agent experience and productivity, and reduce contact center traffic.

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Incumbents Are Slow on ‘Open Insurance’
by Maarten Bakker

Incumbent insurers and banks still seem in no rush to strengthen their currently weaker position to capture the value from Open Insurance.

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Insurers Must Bond With Agents
by Denise Garth

The future is going to include stronger insurer/distributor relationships. Agents want it. Insurers need it. Customers will benefit from it.

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3 Powerful Data-Driven Strategies
by Leandro DalleMule

With super granular data continuously becoming more accurate and available, some companies will take advantage and win the market

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Emerging Risks With Long Tails
by Donna Galer

Brokers and risk managers should prepare for possible claims many years from now related to climate litigation and "forever chemicals."

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Soft Landing, Headwinds and Rebound

Sponsored by Rimini Street 

Paul Carroll Editor-in-Chief and Dr. Michel Leonard, CBE, head of the Triple-I’s Economics and Analytics Department, discuss the Triple-I’s latest Insurance Economics Outlook for Q4 2021 focusing on this year’s unusually wide range of growth and inflation forecasts and key performance indicators for the P&C industry in 2021

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December Focus: Smart Home

"Even before a commercial version of the internet browser was invented in the early 1990s, the rich, geeky types I dealt with in my travels at the Wall Street Journal were figuring out ways to wire their homes to ward off possible intruders."

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Global Insurance Forum Experts Series  

Sponsored by International Insurance Society 

Over this six-part series, hear from industry leaders about building an innovation culture, leveraging data for success, and more.

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