15 Reasons to Mediate Workers' Comp Cases

Reason No. 11. The mediator can facilitate communication, even when the parties are hostile.

1. Mediation can save stress, time and money. 2. You can schedule a mediation at a time and place of the parties’ choosing -- no long waits for a court date. 3. Mediation is voluntary. 4. You can mediate a claim at any time, even while awaiting appeal or reconsideration. 5. You can choose your mediator. 6. You can choose the issues to resolve. 7. You will have the mediator’s undivided attention. 8. You will get as much time as needed for a thorough review of the issues. 9. Because there will be adequate time for development and resolution of the issues, multiple court appearances can be avoided. 10. The mediator does not make rulings; the mediator helps the parties come to an agreement. 11. The mediator can facilitate communication, even when the parties are hostile. 12. The parties control the outcome in mediation. 13. Mediation is private. California law is strong in protecting the confidentiality of communications made in mediation. 14. Parties can be more frank with the mediator than in litigation or direct communication with the opposing party. The mediator can filter and re-frame parties’ concerns to help them reach settlement. 15. Parties are more satisfied with a mediated result than a court ruling.

Teddy Snyder

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Teddy Snyder

Teddy Snyder mediates workers' compensation cases throughout California through WCMediator.com. An attorney since 1977, she has concentrated on claim settlement for more than 19 years. Her motto is, "Stop fooling around and just settle the case."


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