Ivan Kot

Ivan Kot

Ivan Kot is a senior manager at Itransition, focusing on business development in verticals such as e-commerce and business automation and on cutting-edge tools such as blockchain.

He began his career as a developer, taking different positions in both web and mobile development projects, and he eventually shifted focus to project management and team coordination. Kot’s everyday motto is: If something has to be done, it has to be done right.

Recent Articles by Ivan Kot

Where Blockchain Shines Right Now

Blockchain can be used in different domains, such as fintech, healthcare, manufacturing, tourism, real estate and government. It removes intermediaries from many business workflows. This helps organizations optimize costs and gain additional competitive advantages. Let’s go through blockchain use cases beyond bitcoin. Blockchain-based supply chains In a traditional seafood supply chain, for example, it is […]

Blockchain in Insurance: 3 Use Cases

Insurance, being one of the most conservative, centralized and walled industries, is awakening from its slumber and probing new technologies. Its shy yet solid interest in innovations, particularly in blockchain, is powered by customers’ increased distrust in centralized financial services, which has led to high rates of underinsurance.  Driven by both curiosity and fear, insurance […]

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