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Hélène Galy

Hélène Galy

Hélène Galy is director, Willis Research Network, Willis Towers Watson. Galy joined Willis Towers Watson in 1998, specializing in natural hazard modeling and reinsurance optimization. Since 2001, she has been leading multi-disciplinary teams, who research, design and develop analytical tools for risk quantification and management.

The Willis Research Network is an award-winning public-private partnership that harnesses over 50 partners in science, academia and think tanks to form innovative collaborations with the risk management and insurance industries, improving our understanding of risks (natural hazards, technological risks and geopolitical drivers of risk) for the benefit of clients and our society.

She holds a BSc in economics & political science and an MSc in environmental economics (UCL).

Recent Articles by Hélène Galy

Time to Move Climate Risk Center-Stage

Insurers are not big polluters in their own right. Nor do they typically have lots of physical assets at risk, except indirectly through investment portfolios either now or in the future when economic transition raises the possibility of stranded assets. Yet the impacts of climate on insurance operations are only too evident. Losses from more […]

COVID-19 Is No Black Swan

Many commentators have labeled COVID-19 a black swan event. Nassim Taleb popularized the expression, defining such an event as impossible to predict, having a major effect and seeming obvious in hindsight. Yet, there were clear warnings from credible institutions. Three examples stand out, showing the crisis should not have been a complete surprise. Epidemiologists had […]

Risks Facing the Tokyo Olympics

Since the revival of the modern Games in 1896, the Olympics have had to cope with a range of risks, from financial, security, sporting and reputational risks to diplomatic incidents and war. In 2020, that list expanded when the Tokyo Games was postponed due to COVID-19. Any catastrophe affecting the Olympic Games could result in […]

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