Minimize Fraud, Lower False Positive Rates and Increase Automation for Low Value High Volume Claims Using Halo Based AI

This whitepaper explains how using Halo-based AI minimizes insurance fraud, increases automation, lowers false-positive rates and delivers excellent financial results.


AI-based fraud detection and automation delivers significant financial results.

Using Halo and AI alleviates many insurers uncertainty of the shift in the fraud landscape caused by the pandemic. The inability for insurance companies to automate claims processing and proactively identify and mitigate emerging fraud threats is no longer an acceptable business practice as consumers demand better service.

Daisy Intelligence

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Daisy Intelligence

Daisy Intelligence is an AI software company that delivers explainable Decisions-as-a-Service for insurance risk management. Daisy’s unique autonomous (no code, no infrastructure, no data scientists, no bias) AI system elevates your employees, enabling them to focus on delivering your mission, servicing your customers, and creating shareholder value. The Daisy system detects and avoids fraudulent claims while enabling claims automation, minimizing human intervention in claims processing. Daisy’s solutions deliver verifiable financial results with a minimum net income return on investment of 10X.


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