How Agents Are Adapting to COVID-19

Here are three ways agents have adapted to continue to provide the service their clients require.

Lockdowns, mandatory work from home, social distancing – the coronavirus pandemic has upended lives across the US. With no definitive end in sight and officials closing restaurants, bars and non-essential businesses in cities and towns across the country, most small businesses are feeling the economic impact and wondering, does my insurance cover this?

It’s long been known that insurance agents demonstrate their value to customers during crises, whether that’s a personal crisis, such as a car accident, or a community crisis, such as a major storm. During these times, agents are advisers providing much needed guidance to worried clients. Now, with the unprecedented uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, businesses are wondering if they have enough protection to help them weather this storm. Agents are advocates helping customers with the information they need, and are friends, providing comfort and support and a receptive ear to those who need a sounding board. 

Even if their physical locations close, agents need to be accessible to their clients. Agents have to have instant access to policy files. They need to maintain constant communication. And they need to implement solutions that handle routine matters, so they have more time to focus on their clients’ unique needs.

Here are three ways agents have adapted to continue to provide the service their clients require. 

1. Taking their agencies to the cloud. 

Most agency management systems are set up to work in the cloud – giving agents access to their customer files. Many agencies have been using these capabilities easily, with no disruption to their normal course of business. Agencies that are not set up should contact their vendor representatives to ensure they have all of the functions needed to continue business outside of the office.

Agencies are also using other cloud-based solutions that make it easier to process new business, claims and endorsements outside of the normal office setup. Automated quoting solutions that obtain multiple carrier quotes from a single-form submission eliminate the need to go to and resubmit the same information on multiple carriers’ websites. Online portals give customers instant access to their policies so they have the information at their fingertips and can file claims online. 

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2. Extending communications beyond email and phone.

Every minute there seems to be a new coronavirus development. With things constantly in flux, customers will continue to have questions and want answers as quickly as possible. Agencies are making sure clients know how to reach them, especially since clients have gone mobile.  Some agents are using social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to share updates that are helpful for all customers. One good idea: If many of the questions are repetitive, consider adding a Frequently Asked Questions page to your agency website that can be promoted on social media. Other agencies are using text for simple questions that can be answered quickly. 

In a crisis, it’s also important to implement face-to-face communication tools to maintain relationships with clients. Social distancing doesn’t have to prevent you from meeting with customers. Take your conversations to the virtual world, using solutions like Skype or Zoom to maintain personal interactions.

3. Business doesn’t stop, and innovation can’t stop. 

With the world in chaos, the temptation may be to focus on stabilizing business, maintaining the status quo. But as agencies adapt and implement different processes to keep operations going, agencies should be using all tools at their disposal. Technological solutions, like automated quoting, that help with routine, time-consuming tasks can have a long-term effect in not only helping agencies through a crisis but better serving clients in the future. For example, some agencies are taking advantage of on-demand webinar platforms to host Q&A sessions where a variety of business owners can get advice on their most pressing queries. This can be a powerful tool in building long-term client relationships.

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It’s important for agencies to think about the changes they are making now as advancements that go beyond the crisis. Many of the improvements that agencies are currently making in real time can have significant benefits to efficiency and growth when things return to normal leading to an overall stronger agency dynamic.

These are uncertain times, and we don’t know how long the coronavirus pandemic will last. Taking the necessary steps now ensures that agencies continue providing their clients with critical customer service. When the pandemic subsides, many of these learnings and changes can be continued as the marketplace returns to normal.

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