10 (Lame) Excuses for Not Marketing

While agencies have survived without a strong marketing strategy and plan in the past, those days are long over.

Based on conversations we have every day, we know the concept and execution of a successful marketing strategy is one of the greatest challenges that benefits agencies struggle with. While agencies have survived without such a strategy and plan in the past, those days are over. Sadly, not only do we hear of the marketing challenges every single day, we also hear the excuses as to why agencies can’t or, more accurately, won’t embrace marketing.

The problem with the excuse-making is that marketing is a critical part of the sales process, and, without effective marketing, it becomes extremely difficult to create productive sales opportunities. If buyers aren’t interested in what they see from you in your marketing activities, what reason do they have to be interested in a conversation with your sales team? Let alone in becoming a client of yours? Use your marketing efforts to connect with your audience over things that matter to them. See also: A New Approach to Marketing   Now more than ever, "no marketing" = "no sales opportunities." And safe = second place.
  • Take a stand
  • People don't want lukewarm statements
  • Challenge us
  • Make us think
  • Embolden us
  • Inspire us
  • Make us uncomfortable
  • Engage us
  • Don't talk at us -- give us something to talk about
  • Give us a reason to want to talk to you
You don’t have to take on marketing on your own, but you do need to take it on.

Kevin Trokey

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Kevin Trokey

Kevin Trokey is founding partner and coach at Q4intelligence. He is driven to ignite curiosity and to push the industry through the barriers that hold it back. As a student of the insurance industry, he channels his own curiosity by observing and studying the players, the changing regulations, and the business climate that influence us all.


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