September 24, 2020

Six Things Newsletter | September 22, 2020


In this week's Six Things, ITL's Paul Carroll asks for some respect for insurance innovators. Plus, digital future of insurance emerges; AI in commercial underwriting; selling where life happens; how to minimize flood losses; and more.

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Some Respect for Insurance Innovators

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

The insurance industry is pretty good at beating itself up for not innovating faster — and many analysts and customers are all too happy to join in — so it was a welcome surprise to see an article last week in the New York Times that enthusiastically described a nearly frictionless future for auto claims.

The article quotes an executive as saying, “In the near future,… we’re going to take the [auto claims] process from days or weeks to minutes.”

When’s the last time you saw such a glowing statement about insurers in a national, non-insurance publication? Doesn’t it feel good?… continue reading >

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Digital Future of Insurance Emerges
by Stephen Applebaum

Patterns are emerging out of the fog of this pandemic and paint a clear view of the future of insurance, leaving only the timing uncertain.

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AI in Commercial Underwriting
by Charles Dugas

Machine learning and AI are incredibly well suited for helping to deal with the masses of data that underwriters now face. Here are five keys.

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Selling Where Life Happens
by Denise Garth

What if life insurers reinvented themselves to be like retailers, obsessed with the point of purchase – digitally and in-person?

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How to Minimize Flood Losses
by Jonathan Jackson

Flood warnings have two weaknesses: lack of detailed information on the precise locations at risk of flood and too many false alarms.

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5 Safety Keys for COVID-Era Building
by Jon Tate

Construction crews need continual training in the best of times, and the evolving challenges of COVID-19 heighten the need.

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A Study on Expanded Use of ‘Presumption’
by Christopher Mandel and David Langham

A shift on the presumption of coverage for COVID-19 under workers’ comp risks undermining the Grand Bargain.

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