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June 3, 2021

Six Things Newsletter | June 1, 2021


Don't look now, but here come autonomous trucks. Plus, the finish line keeps moving; 4 questions that scare salespeople; building healthy workplaces; and more.

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Don’t Look Now, but Here Come Autonomous Trucks

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

While the focus for years has been on autonomous cars and on what they’ll do for safety, for auto insurance, for our lifestyles and more, a disruption is taking shape in the nearer term: autonomous trucks.

The fear factor has obscured that vision. While it is odd enough to drive down a street in Phoenix and see a Waymo minivan next to you without a driver, it’s hard to imagine anyone setting loose on a highway an 18-wheeler carrying 50,000 pounds without anyone at the wheel.

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New Majesco research highlights how digital is shaping today’s competitive landscape, why insurers are prioritizing digital capabilities and how a 360 view of customers can create growth opportunities.

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The Finish Line Keeps Moving
by Mark Breading

Improving customer experience in P&C was already a marathon–now, the pandemic and other events have changed the race in significant ways.

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4 Questions That Scare Salespeople
by Kevin Trokey

I can appreciate the job’s difficulty. But I swear, at times, it seems like salespeople are intentionally making their job harder.

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Elevating the Capability of Employees with AI based Fraud Detection Delivers Significant Financial Results
sponsored by Daisy Intelligence

AI done right will deliver significant cost savings in claims operations, satisfy customers and make the difficult job of fraud detection and claims processing easier. 

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Life Insurance With Mortgage Protection
by Jason Mandel

Life insurance with mortgage protection allows families to shelter at home—to stay in their homes—rather than sheltering in place.

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Building Healthy Workplaces
by RJ Frasca

Emerging HR technologies can attract and retain motivated talent, bolster culture, decrease spending and improve business operations.

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What SPACS Mean for D&O Exposure
by Jason Remsen

Although many of the risk exposures remain the same as those in traditional M&A deals, lack of historical data has fueled uncertainty.

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Vaping, Compliance and Rewarding Safety
by Michael Shaw

If insurers care about improving the safety of vaping, they should insist on the wholesale adoption of existing rules by the vaping industry.

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The Alarming Surge in Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware and business email compromise (BEC) attacks are soaring, and ransom demands have gone from an average of $10,000 to well north of $100,000 – demands sometimes reach the tens of millions of dollars. In this interview, we discuss what is causing the surge – and what businesses can do to protect themselves. 

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