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May 26, 2021

Life Insurance With Mortgage Protection


Life insurance with mortgage protection allows families to shelter at home—to stay in their homes—rather than sheltering in place.

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From a downpour of tears to a deluge of debt, the loss of a loved one can drown a family in a sea of emotions and a storm of expenses. The loss can flood the last refuge of sanctity and shelter, leaving a house underwater and a family homeless; leaving a widow without a lifeline, a widower without a line—a path—to safety and children without the means to pursue any number of life opportunities. Given these dangers, given the specific danger of losing a house to foreclosure, life insurance has the power to protect spouses and families from further suffering. 

Life insurance with mortgage protection allows families to shelter at home—to stay in their homes—rather than sheltering in place. Rather than leaving families seeking temporary shelter, or evacuating to emergency shelters, life insurance with mortgage protection not only diverts the course of a storm but dissipates it altogether. But families must first buy this protection, which means insurers must explain why families—particularly young families—need life insurance with mortgage protection. 

The explanation is a matter of basic math, where loss of life equals loss of income. This loss expands as bills accumulate and interest accrues, turning survivors of the hardest loss into nomads in a permanent state of hardship, turning the worst hard time into hard times without end, turning all time into the horrors of the end time.

This scenario is no exaggeration, as too many live to survive while too few have the protection to live well. For families to avoid this scenario requires the insurance industry to speak to the urgency of the issue. 

Emphasizing this issue, repeating the emphasis on having life insurance with mortgage protection, is a duty the insurance industry must honor. Anything less is a disservice to those who need to know the truth, that this protection is indispensable to honoring the terms of a mortgage without mortgaging the strength or savings of the good.

The good include families in pain, whose sorrow insurers can assuage through policies—life insurance policies—that are palliatives of a financial sort. That these palliatives may be curatives, that these treatments may have restorative properties, that among these properties are the protection of property and a source of monthly income—these goods are just and righteous.

Insurers must, however, promote this message.

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If insurers think people think of themselves as prospects, and consumers treat themselves as contacts, if insurers think lack of contact corresponds to lack of interest, that consumers have no interest in life insurance with mortgage protection, insurers need to rethink everything.

The insurance industry has a chance to broadcast a digital PSA, a public service announcement for online media, about the benefits of life insurance with mortgage protection.

Every post that highlights this message, every email that encapsulates this message, every message about this message advances a cause for the good. 

Every advancement due to this message is an act of goodness.

In writing this message, insurers have the potential to underwrite more life insurance policies with mortgage protection.


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