Six Things Newsletter | September 8, 2020

An Early Taste of Climate Change Disrupting Insurance. Plus, how 'explainable AI' changes the game; the future isn't just for insurtech; 'virtualizing' your customer service; COVID-19 and need for analytical insurers; and more.


An Early Taste of Climate Change Disrupting Insurance

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

There’s a line that I first heard only a few months ago but keep running across: You may think you have a 30-year mortgage on your house, but you really just have a one-year mortgage.

Why is that? you ask. Because you have to renew your homeowners insurance every year, and your house is only affordable if your insurance is.

In the vast majority of cases, homeowners have nothing to worry about. Their premiums will change modestly from year to year. But those on the front lines of climate change — along coasts, where water levels are rising, and in parts of the country where wildfires are escalating and violent storms may become more frequent — may face sudden changes that could even put them out of their homes... continue reading >

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How ‘Explainable AI’ Changes the Game
by Dustin Oxborrow

AI often performs its magic with little insight into how it reached its recommendations. "Explainable AI" makes all the difference.

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The Future Isn’t Just for Insurtech
by Dan Epstein

The new promise — the modern concept of insurtech — is a strategy driven by collaboration and innovation rather than disruption.

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‘Virtualizing’ Your Customer Service
by Fara Haron

For the insurance industry, meeting increased customer demands with excellent service requires the right combination of technology and training.

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New Operating Model for Insurers (Part 1)
by Alan Walker

Taking a few key steps will enable an insurer to resolve its operational challenges and lay the foundations for future success.

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COVID-19 and Need for Analytical Insurers
by Dave Ovenden

Stronger analytics can assist insurers through the COVID-19 crisis, and create building blocks for longer-term business benefits.

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Of Independent Agents, Heirloom Tomatoes
by Kate Terry

Direct vs agency is a silly fight. Neither channel maps cleanly to customer preferences. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

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