Tech That Helps With Diabetic Ulcers

A high-tech boot, together with a mobile app and the cloud, provide a breakthrough for diabetics who suffer from foot ulcerations.

More than an asset, technology is an indispensable ally of the insurance industry. Technology in all its forms, from tools that streamline operations to innovations that offer people a reprieve from undergoing a series of operations. Technology that saves lives without sacrificing limbs. Technology that spares insurers the cost of irreversible procedures. Technology that spares people the price of a lifetime of little or no mobility. I refer, specifically, to technology that helps diabetics who suffer from foot ulcerations. As a scientist, who also happens to be a diabetic, I refer to an epidemic we can prevent: an epidemic we must prevent, because the technology is available, the intelligence accessible, the results attainable; an epidemic we cannot dismiss unless we shut our eyes, unless we cannot see—unless what threatens us also blinds us—because it is otherwise impossible not to notice the cripples and amputees among us. See also: Using Technology to Enhance Your Agency   The good news is that we can reduce these risks, thanks to technology of the sort like MOTUS Smart Powered by Sensoria: an Optima Molliter boot, with a dedicated patient mobile app and Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. The boot has interchangeable, different density insoles to relieve pressure from the area of ulceration, thereby improving blood circulation and clinical outcomes. Consider this breakthrough a giant step for not only diabetics but insurers, too. Consider this breakthrough an even bigger leap for all mankind, as the alternative is neither fiscally sustainable nor morally sound. Not when the global cost of diabetes exceeds $1.3 trillion. Not when a surgical saw can no more cut costs than it can be something different than it is. Not when insurers can cut costs by covering what covers—literally—patients’ feet. If insurers champion smart technology, the benefits will be universal. From making health insurance more affordable to giving patients the chance to walk in a way they can ill afford to ignore, from bettering the reputation of insurers to changing people’s lives for the better, technology is invaluable. Consider, then, diabetics as the most visible beneficiaries of new technology and renewed support from insurers. Consider these advances for what they are, the product of extensive research and development. Consider, also, what it means for insurers to earn the trust of clients: to keep and strengthen this trust by acts of prudence and policies that act to inspire doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs throughout the world. Take these things into consideration, to be sure. More importantly, take these things as an invitation to lead. Take the time to do these things well, so we may all move forward together. See also: How Technology Is Changing Warranty   With health as our goal and wellness as our right, let us transform the insurance industry into a model of the highest ethics and the best success. Let us achieve this goal. Let us do all we can, which is more than we may believe or know, because we have it in our power to revolutionize the insurance industry. Let us exercise this power with the intelligence we possess and the wisdom we enjoy.

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