Six Things: May 10th, 2022

It's Time to Rethink the Spreadsheet. Plus, Return to In Person Events, COVID Drives Tech in Workers' Comp; The Next Evolution of Insurance; and more.


It's Time to Rethink the Spreadsheet

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

The oddest venue where I've ever delivered a talk was the QEII. In 2000, a conference group had hired out the ship, which carried an audience of CIOs east for a day and a half out of New York, then did a U-turn and sailed back. The group hired me to give two talks on how the CIOs could regain control of corporate data processing following nearly two decades of decentralization caused by the spread of personal computers and local area networks.

A key concern was the spreadsheet. Seemingly every person had one, containing data that might or might not be current and that might or might not come from a source that was recognized as authoritative throughout an organization. Basically, every person could have their own version of truth, and big organizations have thousands or even tens of thousands of people. 

That problem persists. But the sort of theoretical solution I laid out 20-plus years ago is becoming practical today, because the massive improvement in computing power and connectivity means we can rethink what a spreadsheet is and how it should be used. 

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Check out Majesco's latest podcast featuring Denise Garth, Chief Strategy Officer at Majesco as she is joined by guests Abhishek Bakre, Senior Manager of Strategy and Santosh Kutty, Principal at Deloitte as they discuss how to modernize disability insurance and absence management to drive profitability and customer satisfaction.

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The Next Evolution of Insurance
by Ron Gura

Instead of simply selling consumers products, smart companies. including insurers, market themselves as companies to believe in and make part of one’s life.

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COVID Drives Tech in Workers' Comp
by Shahin Hatamian

Workers’ compensation survey shows more payers are investing in electronic payment platforms and digital claims management tools.

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The Future of Work 

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As employees start to return to work after two years of mostly working remotely, smart employers are rethinking just about all aspects of how work is done to get the best of both the home and office worlds. 

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The Return of In-Person Events
by Matteo Carbone

With all the complex challenges and opportunities facing the industry, there is real benefit to meeting face to face.

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7 of the Wackiest Workplace Injuries
by Matthew Elson

The majority of workplace injuries are slips, trips or falls, but there are many unexpected injuries, such as getting hit by lightning or falling overboard.

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Insurance Needs More Women in Leadership
by Lindsey Davies

Organizations that focus on gender inclusion and prioritize the advancement of women report up to 61% higher revenue growth than other companies.

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The Risks of AI and Machine Learning
by Anthony Habayeb

If the proper guardrails and governance are not put into place early, insurers could face legal, regulatory, reputational, operational and strategic consequences down the road.

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Insurers increasingly go to market not as individual companies but as part of ecosystems -- a radical change in thinking.

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May Focus: Claims

When Dan Bricklin was a student at Harvard Business School in the late 1970s, he got tired of having to recalculate all the values for the cells in a spreadsheet and realized he could produce an electronic version of a spreadsheet that would run on a personal computer from a little company called Apple. In the process, he didn't just have software take over tedious work that had bedeviled MBA students for generations; he unleashed a wave of innovations far beyond anything he expected.

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Winning the War for Talent 

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This webinar tackles a key issue -- maybe the key issue -- facing the insurance industry: How can we attract, train and retain the talent that we need and that the industry's mission merits.

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