"Illegals’" Entitlement to Voucher/PD Increase - To Pay or Not to Pay?

Applicable Labor Code provisions, regulations, and case law strongly support the proposition that — in cases where the injured worker (IW) is not legally entitled to work in the US — we can successfully defend against providing vouchers, and obtain the 15 percent PD decrease. However, as a prerequisite to such arguments, it is essential that we coordinate our efforts to ensure the requisite RTW or Mod/Alt Duty forms issue [See DWC-AD 10133.53 (Section 10133.53) and DWC-AD 10118 (Section 10118)] issue in timely fashion.

Don Barthel

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Don Barthel

Donald Barthel is a founding partner of Bradford & Barthel, LLP, an industry leader in the aggressive defense of Workers' Compensation, Subrogation, and Employment, and Labor matters. His entire legal career has been dedicated to the defense of employers' rights in the arenas of labor law, employment law, and workers' compensation.


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