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Tal Daskal

Tal Daskal

Tal Daskal is the CEO and co-founder of EasySend, an SaaS company. Daskal is an expert on all things digital transformation in banking and insurance and is a passionate advocate for the paradigm shift toward no-code development.

Recent Articles by Tal Daskal

What 2020 Taught Us on Selling Insurance

2020 was a year of accelerated digital transformation in insurance across all lines of business. Major purchases such as life insurance or financial products are increasingly bought and sold online, making the digital customer journey one of the top sales tools in the insurance business. Effect of the COVID-19 crisis on insurance sales The COVID-19 […]

Why Traditional Insurance Won’t Work

Insurance companies have been slow to embrace digital transformation. They talk about the cost of integrating legacy and non-legacy technologies, and they worry about the disruption to business operations and the resulting loss of productivity. More importantly, they have been insulated from market pressures to transform because of regulations and capital resources that limit competition. […]

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