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Mark Tattersall

Mark Tattersall

Mark Tattersall is the principal of BackNine Insurance, a wholesale life insurance company formed in 2008. Tattersall and his two sons (Brett and Reid Tattersall) are the forces behind the newly released insurtech platform Quote & Apply, which was created to better serve life insurance sales professionals across the U.S. through its intuitive, user-friendly, e-application and quoting software and 24/7 policy selling capabilities.

Intended to optimize sales for anyone selling life insurance–agents, financial advisers, wealth managers, mortgage brokers and beyond,, Quote & Apply makes what was once a cumbersome process of life insurance quoting into one that is highly efficient and attainable.

Tattersall has been featured in Forbes for “disrupting the insurance industry”.

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In 2020, people flocked to purchase life insurance amid the looming fear and uncertainty brought by COVID-19. None of us had experienced a global health crisis like this, and, when mortality is at risk, the demand for security increases.  While life insurance policy sales increased 2% overall in 2020, other indicators showed just how much […]

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