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Kevin Trokey

Kevin Trokey is founding partner and coach at Q4intelligence. He is driven to ignite curiosity and to push the industry through the barriers that hold it back. As a student of the insurance industry, he channels his own curiosity by observing and studying the players, the changing regulations, and the business climate that influence us all. Because a face-value analysis is rarely sufficient, his constant analysis takes him to a depth of understanding that allows for a healthier perspective; a perspective that enables agency leaders to understand their personal barriers and to craft strategies to knock those barriers down.

As a coach for agency development, marketing, and sales, he helps define the vision of where agencies want and need to go as an organization – the unifying piece most agencies lack. He then brings clarity to the processes that move agencies from where they are today to where they envision themselves being tomorrow.

Recent Articles by Kevin Trokey

Managing Your Personal Brand

Raise your hand if you have a personal brand? Of course, that’s a trick question. Everyone has a brand. A brand is your professional reputation, and it has a lot in common with your personal reputation. Just as you don’t get to choose whether you have a reputation, you also don’t get to choose what […]

4 Questions That Scare Salespeople

It’s not so much that the questions scare salespeople; it’s the lack of answers they find terrifying. As someone who coaches salespeople and makes selling a part of my everyday activities, I can appreciate the job’s difficulty. What I can’t respect is not doing everything possible to make the job simpler. I swear, at times, […]

Tip the Sales Scale in Your Favor

At least on the surface, benefits and insurance producers are supremely confident individuals. They believe they are just a bit smarter, a little more clever and particularly more likable than their boring, traditional and not-so-smart competitors. This is at least part of the reason they approach the building of their book of business as a […]

Trusted Adviser? No, Be a Go-To Adviser

One of the most clichéd claims made in our industry is that of being a “trusted adviser.” Sure, trust is essential. Clients need to trust in your ability to do your job, and they need to trust in your intentions when giving advice. But is earning trust brag-worthy? Isn’t trust a minimum expectation of the […]

4 Stages of Dominance in Performance

In just about any role you may fill in your business, there are a consistent handful of skills necessary to succeed. Chances are, you have a natural gift for some of them. Likely, this gift is what attracts you to any particular role in the first place. However, many of the skills you need must […]

Impact of Change Fatigue on Selling

How many of you have ever put together a proposal for a prospect, and the more you worked on it, the more excited you got? By the time you have it finalized, it’s all you can do to not run over to their office right away. After all, it is SO OBVIOUS that you have […]

An Inconvenient Sales Truth

When discussing acquisition strategy with producers, I’ll often hear them say, “Yeah, we compete on price, but we retain on service.” The fact they even make this statement is a sign they know price alone isn’t enough. Yet, they don’t take the time to build a sales process that takes the decision away from price alone. Price is always […]

10 (Lame) Excuses for Not Marketing

Based on conversations we have every day, we know the concept and execution of a successful marketing strategy is one of the greatest challenges that benefits agencies struggle with. While agencies have survived without such a strategy and plan in the past, those days are over. Sadly, not only do we hear of the marketing […]

Service as a Differentiator? Hmm

If only I had a dollar for every time I heard an insurance agency claim, “What really sets us apart from our competition is the level of service we provide.” If I did, I’d likely be writing this blog from the cabin with my 40-foot yacht moored behind my oh-so-big beach house.  If you find […]

Stop Selling; Start Helping People Buy

When was the last time you bought a new car? If it has been in the last few years, according to industry sources, the process probably went a little bit like this.  There is an almost 90% likelihood that you started your research online.  When just starting your research, there is a six-in-10 likelihood you were […]

Benefits Advisers: It’s About to Get Real

You don’t have to scroll very far in your social media timeline to see the posts of outrage and calls for transparency aimed at the players in today’s healthcare insurance game. And, rightfully so. The waste, fraud and, at times, seemingly criminal behavior of the BUCAHs, pharma and healthcare providers is a travesty. It has […]

The 3 Bears of Agency Commissions

On some accounts, your commission payments may be too high. On some accounts, your commission payments may be too low. And on some accounts, your commission payments may be juuusst right. When the commissions are too high or too low, you need to make adjustments. And, whether they are too high, too low or just […]

Health Insurance: Near-Record Panic?

I’ve been caught a little off guard recently. I am seeing a level of panic in the industry that I don’t think I’ve seen since Parker Conrad was threatening to drink the industry’s milkshake. Chances are, you have been reading about the exciting trend taking root in the industry. Advisers are reengineering how they build medical […]

How Advisers Can Save Healthcare

Of course, insurance advisers can’t save healthcare alone, but they will play a pivotal role. We must first recognize the key players: Employers (purchasers of healthcare via health insurance) Employees/dependents (consumers of healthcare) Physicians/hospitals/clinics (providers of healthcare) Insurance carriers (financiers of healthcare) Insurance brokers/advises (role varies dramatically) To truly save healthcare will require collective change […]

Zenefits: Disrupting Lives, Not Just the Insurance Industry

I’m sure you are as tired of reading about Zenefits as I am of writing about it, but, as much as I may want to, it’s hard to turn away from a train wreck in progress. Wendy Keneipp and I have spent more time reading, writing and talking about Zenefits than we care to admit. We have […]

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