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Kate Terry

Kate Terry

Kate Terry is co-founder and chief operating officer at Surround Insurance. She held senior roles in insurance product management before turning to the insurtech space, most recently as a senior vice president, commercial product management at Liberty Mutual.

She has had profit and loss responsibility for both personal and commercial lines books in her time at Progressive, Plymouth Rock and Liberty Mutual.

Terry is a licensed producer and a chartered property and casualty underwriter.

Recent Articles by Kate Terry

Time to Try Being an Entrepreneur?

Good people, friends and former colleagues, are losing their jobs as big insurance companies lay off staff. The sliced tether to the mothership has some considering making the jump to insurtech. As a co-founder in the insurtech space with a corporate background, I’ve been getting a lot of calls, and answering the same set of […]

What My $18,289 Medical Bill Says

Warning: While this is not quite as disturbing as the poor woman with a spider in her ear on Twitter, I’m still sleeping with one eye open. Also, TLDR: Prices play a key role in free markets, right? They help set supply and demand and indicate value. My guess is that the vast majority of […]

Of Independent Agents, Heirloom Tomatoes

I was recently chatting with someone who insisted that we needed to sell directly to consumers to be successful…you know, like Progressive. Progressive is where I cut my teeth on insurance, but it’s been years, so I grabbed the annual report: Source: Progressive’s 2019 annual report Yup, of the plain old auto policies in force, […]

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