Friday Tip For Agents & Brokers: Your Best 30 Seconds

Based on recent research, sales expert Tom Searcy shares these baseline ideas that agents and brokers can use to maximize their influence in initial meetings with potential clients.


In this video, Tom Searcy — an expert in large account sales and the founder of Big Hunt Sales — shares with agents and brokers three keys to maximizing their influence when first meeting with potential clients.

Recent research has revealed these three baseline concepts:

  1. Information = Confidence. At your first meeting, your level of confidence will rise with the amount of information you have about the people with whom you are meeting. Doing your research before the meeting (through LinkedIn, Google, their website, etc.). Knowing background information on your potential client's representatives will give you something to talk or ask about.
  2. Body Language. Eye contact, smiling, and handshake are common elements of the first meeting. But do you know which of the three should last the longest?
  3. Say Something Specific.Use your research to introduce a question or comment that will help you frame future conversations.

Watch Tom's video above to learn more.

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