Friday Tip For Agents & Brokers: The Most Important Part of the Sale

If you are a salesperson and you are reading this, I want you to remember this: The most important part of the sale is you.

The most important part of the sale is the salesperson. Do you believe this statement? I am telling you from years and years of experience that this statement is 100% true. As a salesperson, you are not only in charge of selling the product, but selling yourself to the consumer. Knowing who you are and what you represent is very, very important.

What It Takes To Be A Salesperson
I hear this question all the time. What does it truly take to be an all-star, professional salesperson?

For one, it takes commitment. A professional salesperson is committed to improving. A professional salesperson is committed to being the best salesperson in the world. If a salesperson is not getting better each and every day, he or she is doing a disservice to his or her consumers and clients.

A salesperson's job is to convince a potential client to purchase a product or work with a service that the company provides. If that potential client decides to pass on the product or service, they are making a huge mistake — and a professional salesperson will tell them that! As a salesperson, if you do not sell yourself or the product, you are not doing as an effective or efficient job as you need to be! The funny thing is, I will end up apologizing to a client if I do not make that sale.

For example, a client will state that he or she is not going to do business with our company. I respond with the following:

"I have to apologize to you. I let you down. I was not as good of a salesperson as I should have been because you said no to me. I feel sorry that you will not be utilizing my product and services to grow your business. Therefore, I am sorry for not being as effective or as efficient as I should have been."

It takes a real salesperson to admit defeat. It also takes a real salesperson to improve after a defeat! A professional salesperson is someone who is working on themselves by constantly undergoing training, reading new books, and striving to grow. That is when a client will honor your service and you will make that sale. The sale begins with you — and your attitude.

A Rock Star And Positive Attitude Is Everything
Negative thoughts will yield negative results. Can you guess what positive thoughts will yield? You guessed it! As a salesperson, having a positive attitude is so important. Think to yourself for a second. How much do you like spending time with people who have a negative attitude? Chances are, not very much! What makes consumers any different? If a salesperson with a negative attitude is face-to-face with a potential client, you can bet that the chances of closing that deal are slim to none.

What type of salesperson does the consumer want to be around and buy from? A positive, enthusiastic, and genuine salesperson, of course! These are the people who give off energy. These are the people who enjoy life, like themselves, and like other people. In return, others will feed off their energy and like them. Attitude is everything as a salesperson. When you pick up a call from a client, you should be smiling. You should be enthusiastic. You should be helpful, upbeat, and positive. Even during those moments when a potential consumer is a little grumpy, you have to remember that everybody has a story. Some days are better than others, but that should not stop you from impacting his or her life in a positive way. Positivity is infectious, and that is what you must bring to the table when you are ready to make a sale. Why? Because the most important part of the sales process is the salesperson.

Are You Cut Out For A Career In Sales?
You may be starting to wonder: Wow, am I even cut out for a career in sales? Let's take a look at a few questions together and discover whether or not you are cut out for sales.

Question #1: Do you turn to the lowest possible price in order to make a sale?

The answer here is simple: If you need to turn to the lowest price and are an order taker, you are not a real salesperson. A real salesperson builds value in the products and does not devalue. The people who are the real deal will find a way around the situation!

Question #2: Has a potential client ever changed their cell phone number on you?

If someone has not done so, you probably have not followed up enough to close the deal. The greatest salespeople out there have had this happen to them!

Question #3: Has anyone every moved out of state or put a restraining order on you?

Kidding! This is obviously a little extreme, but the principle is simple. Consistently following up may seem aggressive but that is the way it works. If you have not tried a number of sales strategies on a client, you are not doing all that you can to service them. Your job is to find a way around a customer's insecurities and concerns. Once you figure out how to do this, you will make the sale.

The Life Of A Salesperson
The Death of a Salesperson — I know it is a cliché, but here is a new cliché for you: The Life of a Salesperson. Why should we add a negative word to such a fulfilling, wonderful career path? The salesperson is the most important part!

If you are a salesperson and you are reading this, I want you to remember this: The most important part of the sale is you. Sometimes, it is not necessarily about the product that you are selling, but it's about who you are as an individual. Consumers are looking to trust someone to help their business or brand. As a professional salesperson, it is time for you to realize that if you are not a good person, honest person, or a person who is consistently improving, you do not have the right to earn someone's business.

Today, the most important part of the sale is you.

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