Six Things Newsletter | October 20, 2020 - Insurance Thought Leadership



October 20, 2020

Six Things Newsletter | October 20, 2020


In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll recaps a panel discussion between Insurance CEOs at the International Insurance Society annual forum. Plus, the hyper-personal future of insurance; how to unlock a 'Customer 360' view; and more.

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Insurance CEOs Spec Out a Post-COVID World

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

At the International Insurance Society’s annual forum last week, several CEOs of major insurers said they foresee a very different world post-pandemic — one where trust in insurers not only needs to increase but must take a different form; one where work happens in different places at different times in different organizational structures, all at far greater speeds; one where the challenges increase, but the opportunities do, too… continue reading >

Three Tips for Increasing Customer Engagement

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Future of Insurance: Hyper-Personal
by Stephen Applebaum

Protection products will increasingly have to be dynamic, meeting the needs of each individual as preferences and life circumstances change.

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How COVID Alters Claims Patterns
by Philipp Cremer

Claims in some lines, such as entertainment insurance, have surged, while traditional property and liability claims have been subdued.

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3 Silver Linings From COVID-19
by Tony Steadman

Insurance is positioned to thrive in the virtual world as the need for large processing claims centers and customer service hubs vanishes.

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How to Unlock a ‘Customer 360’ View
by Harbert Bernard

Why do so many insurance companies fail to deliver on their customer-centric objectives? It almost always boils down to inaccurate data.

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How to Engage Better on Auto Insurance
by Ian Griffin

Believe it or not, your policyholders would like to hear from you more often―and communication can affect policyholder loyalty.

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Keys to Limiting Litigation Liability
by Christopher Mandel

Risks associated with GL and AU claims can be managed, even with “social inflation,” “nuclear verdicts” and tough jurisdictions.

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