Six Things Newsletter | January 12, 2021

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll looks at what's next. Plus, 3 trends that defined 2020; how to start selling on TikTok; how carrier tech drives agency change; and more.

In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll looks at what's next. Plus, 3 trends that defined 2020; how to start selling on TikTok; how carrier tech drives agency change; and more.

The Next Normal

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

While I’m less optimistic than I was a week ago about the speed of a return to normal — a riot in the U.S. Capitol building will do that to a guy, as will a week of record deaths from COVID-19 and growing concerns about the rollout of the vaccine — I remain confident that we’ll get there some time in 2021 and that we all need to be ready for the next normal.

Having read everything I can find about how that next normal will take shape, I commend to your attention this article from McKinsey, which draws on surveys and on evidence from nations that are further along in the recovery from the pandemic than the rest of us. Among the predictions: that 20% of people could work the majority of time away from the office and that we are at the beginning of a new wave of innovative startups — while the risk of failure for established businesses has increased... continue reading >

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3 Trends That Defined 2020
by Tony Tarquini

The solution for 2021? Reframing digital transformation as an iterative process as opposed to a one-off, wholesale solution.

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How to Start Selling on TikTok
by Robin Kiera

A few months, 50 million views and almost 100,000 followers of our channel later, we think Tiktok may be the next big thing.

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Perils of Pandemic Premium Audits
by Mark Walls

Controversy relating to workers’ comp premium audits existed long before COVID. However, the pandemic made things much worse.

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The Insurer’s Customer Acquisition Playbook
Sponsored by Data Axle

The question for insurers is how they want to address a growing desire by small businesses to purchase online.

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Has Pandemic Shifted Arc of Insurtech?
by Mark Breading

Have events of 2020 permanently altered the trajectory of the insurtech movement and thrown predictions out the window?

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How Carrier Tech Drives Agency Change
by Tony Caldwell

Adapting to carriers' new technology is a challenge, but it gives agents the opportunity to move from distributors to true business partners.

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Tapping Cloud’s Ability to Drive Innovation
by John Keddy

There are three key forces that the cloud can unleash: speed of operations, an intelligence premium and innovation.

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The Future of Blockchain Series Episode 2: Usage in Commercial Lines
Complimentary On Demand Webinar

Blockchain has incredible potential to streamline business functions and open up opportunities for a wide range of innovations

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January's Topic: Commercial Insurance

Much of the focus on innovation has related to personal lines and that makes some sense: Policies tend to be more cookie-cutter than in commercial lines, and individuals, spoiled by online resources like Amazon, have demanded a better experience from insurers. 
But don’t sleep on commercial lines. As businesses see what’s changing in personal lines, they aren’t going to be left behind. Businesses are demanding simpler interactions and more understandable policies, as well as better prices.

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