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Tony Caldwell

Tony Caldwell

Tony Caldwell is an author, speaker and mentor who has helped independent agents create over 250 independent insurance agencies.

Recent Articles by Tony Caldwell

6 Questions for Tony Caldwell

We posed six questions to Tony Caldwell, a mentor to independent agencies who has written a number of articles for us on how agencies must adapt. Let’s start with a general question that has puzzled me. The need for change by agents seems to be well-established by now, but many aren’t adapting. Why is that?  […]

The New Mantra for Agencies

As we reflect on all that occurred during the turbulent and chaotic year that was 2020, one thing stands out: It was a year of innovation. Virtually every business that survived, and most that thrived, innovated in some fashion, whether it was their business models, efficiency improvements or communications. These innovations, while necessary to survive […]

How Carrier Tech Drives Agency Change

Over the next several years, everyone in the property and casualty industry will face new challenges because of the evolution and disruption caused by technology. Insurance companies will, perhaps, be the most challenged. They must respond to the increasing competitive forces created by insurtech. These include the demand for faster, easier underwriting and service, and […]

No More Apples-to-Apples Comparisons

I don’t know about you, but if I never hear another client, or prospective client, say they “just want an apples-to-apples comparison,” it will be too soon!  As insurance agents, we don’t just hate that expression, we also know it’s a terrible idea for our clients. They ask for the comparison simply because insurance is […]

Technology and the Agent of the Future

Many agents see technology as a threat. Several years ago, when hundreds of millions of dollars began to flow into insurtech companies, the promise these startups made was that they would disrupt the insurance industry. The rise of online insurance distribution firms, with steadily increasing capabilities, has added to the anxiety of insurance agents.  But […]

Private Equity Drives Agency Change

The independent insurance agency industry is being disrupted, but the disruption is not necessarily coming from the place everyone fears, which is technology. The sustained boom in agency acquisitions by large national brokers, regional agencies and especially private equity organizations is, in effect, hollowing out the middle of a traditional industry. In fact, my recent […]

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