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Keith Jentoft

Keith Jentoft

Keith Jentoft is president of RSI Video Technologies. Jentoft pioneered the development of Videofied wireless alarm systems for indoor and outdoor applications. He is also involved as partner liaison with the nonprofit PPVAR (Partnership for Priority Video Alarm Response) – a public/private partnership founded to link the alarm industry with the other stakeholders in property crime, especially the insurance industry. Jentoft is active in the National Sheriffs Association and the International Association of Chiefs of Police and a featured speaker at many of the state and local police chiefs conferences.

Jentoft has spent more than 20 years introducing European technology to the U.S. market, growing companies from $3 million to $200 million in eight years. Jentoft introduced acoustic authentication for voice and IT networks with applications in banking and telephone transaction systems and holds several patents in related technologies. As president of RSI Video Technologies, Jentoft is responsible for the Videofied product line, which won the “Best of Show” as well as the “Best Intrusion Detector” and “Best Wireless Alarm System” at the industry’s largest trade show. Jentoft developed Videofied as the technology leader in outdoor security, protecting remote assets using cordless/wireless video alarm systems.

PPVAR brings together all the stakeholders in property crime, with board members from: the IACP (International Association of Police Chiefs); NSA (National Sheriffs Association); NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau), representing 1,100 property/casualty insurers; and most of the largest alarm companies, including Protection1, Diebold and Stanley. The PPVAR project is delivering arrest rates of more than 50% and reducing insurance losses.

For more on video-verified alarms, see this cover article by Keith Jentoft in National Academy Associate: The Magazine of the FBI National Academy Associates.

Recent Articles by Keith Jentoft

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