4 Ways That Agencies Should Use Video

Everywhere you look, companies are using video as a major part of their marketing strategies. Agency owners can't stay on the sidelines.

Everywhere you look, companies are using video as a major part of their marketing strategies. And while it is true that many videos are uploaded simply for entertainment purposes, the momentum around video is simply incredible, and top marketers have taken notice. There’s no denying video’s effectiveness in attracting and informing viewers. In fact, according to Brainshark, 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. That’s why, for agency owners, it’s critical that you pay attention to this medium as a way for you to attract, engage and retain clients. See also: 3 Ways for Video to Reinvent Claims Work   But without a plan, your video content may not hit the mark. This list will provide four great ideas for implementing video in your marketing strategy. 1. Create a “Why Work With Our Agency” video or staff introduction videos These videos, when produced effectively, can provide an excellent primer for both your current and prospective clients! This is your chance to boast, whether it’s about your work for local charities or church groups, your 40 years of providing local service or anything else you think is noteworthy — so be sure to mention it! Our advice is to keep these videos short and sweet (90 seconds or shorter) and answer the question: “What is my unique selling proposition?” Here are a few examples: 2. Use video to create customer testimonials Hearing your current customers speak about their experience with your agency will provide assurance to prospective customers. Try to have the topics and benefits presented between the testimonials so that any prospective buyer can see all the ways you’ve helped your clients. Again, be sure to keep these videos short and sweet (aim for less than one minute!), and be specific — vague statements like, “they’re the best,” don’t offer much insight to prospective clients. Here are a few examples: 3. Make birthday and holiday videos Remember: You are in a relationship business! Everyone loves to be celebrated on their special day, and birthday/holiday videos are a simple and cost-effective way to do just that! Be sure to express your personality, and make it fun! Singing is not a requirement, as long as your tone otherwise is upbeat. Tip: Most email service providers (and even some agency management systems) enable you to set up “birthday campaigns” that will send your birthday videos automatically. Here are a few examples: 4. Create videos that answer FAQs and explain coverages If you’re feeling ambitious, you can flex your insurance expertise with a video that answers frequently asked questions and that explains coverages. How many times have you been asked about how an umbrella policy works or whether a flood insurance policy would be a good investment? With video, you’re able to leverage the power of storytelling to better communicate the value of insurance. A good video can also help you sell more, as an informed client is more likely to make a purchase decision. Once you’ve made the video, it can be used again and again — when quoting, on your website, in your email newsletter and even on social media (a smart way to work!). Tip: Keep these videos to two to three minutes in length. Consider using visuals to reinforce your message. Here is an example: See also: 4 Technology Trends to Watch for   Those are just a few tips to help you integrate video into your marketing strategy. Video is a powerful and growing medium that cannot be ignored. Whether you’re attracting clients with Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube videos that establish credibility and trust, engaging them while quoting and cross-selling with videos that show your polish, or retaining them with periodic video touches for birthdays and holidays, video is a versatile tool that can be used at any stage of the customer lifecycle. And, if you realize the power of video but still find the process of creating them daunting, My Insurance Videos is a done-for-you video platform with more than 40 videos, ranging from explanation of coverage videos to birthday and holiday greeting videos customized with your voice! According to Brainshark, 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video, so there’s no better time than now to get started.

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