November 24, 2020

Six Things Newsletter | November 24, 2020


In this week's Six Things, Editor-in-Chief Paul Carroll considers what a new experience for employees may look like. Plus, how to outperform on innovation; technology and the agent of the future; 4 initiatives that unlock IoT's value; and more.

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Designing a New Employee Experience

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

As the pandemic has accelerated the digitization of interactions with customers, the insurance industry has begun to rethink the customer experience. But companies now need to start to redesign another experience, too: the employee’s.

We know that two highly effective vaccines should be available in quantity in April or so, which means that they could become a reliable line of defense against COVID by next winter or perhaps even next fall. That gives us roughly a year to design and implement a new work environment, a new experience for employees that incorporates the best of the old, in-person model and the best of the new, digital/Zoom experience.

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How to Outperform on Innovation
by Amy Radin

It is up to all of us leaders to advance diversity and inclusion. It’s the morally right thing to do, and it’s the only commercially smart answer.

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Technology and the Agent of the Future
by Tony Caldwell

Technology promises to free agents to spend more time with clients and prospects, broadening and deepening relationships.

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4 Initiatives That Unlock IoT’s Value
by Karen Pauli

IoT has largely been used in tactical ways to solve specific problems, but there is great strategic value if it is tied to certain types of initiatives.

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How COVID Alters Consumer Demands
by Kim Muhota and John Rodgers

Digital transformations that would have taken three to five years are now happening in under six months.

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Opportunity Among Latinos in U.S.
by Nestor Solari

It’s crucial to understand the distinctions in purchasing behavior when comparing the Hispanic market with the broader insurance market.

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P&C Distribution: What’s Old Is New
by Mark Breading

There are eight different models or options for insurers to consider — but it’s fair to ask if these distribution models are really new.

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