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November 17, 2020

Six Things Newsletter | November 17, 2020


In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll ponders the key technology trends of 2021. Plus, 6 megatrends shaping life insurance; new paradigm for reinsurance; how to boost chance of being acquired; and more.

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2021’s Key Technology Trends

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

While I usually don’t believe in either Christmas songs or lists of key New Year’s trends until after Thanksgiving, Gartner recently produced an early list of technology trends for 2021 that provides some pre-turkey food for thought.

The most intriguing trend is what Gartner calls the Internet of Behaviors. The name itself reeks of consultant-speak for me, but the trend is profound. It combines the ever-growing reach of the Internet of Things with a surge in ability to understand customers, based on the burgeoning array of digital interactions with them.

Lots of commentators have talked about how the pandemic has accelerated the world’s move toward digital. That’s true and important, but this trend explains what comes next.  continue reading >


9 Months on: COVID and Workers’ Comp
by Kimberly George and Mark Walls

Does COVID open the door for future infectious disease coverage under workers’ comp? Likely, yes.

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6 Megatrends Shaping Life Insurance
by Ed Majkowski and Nicole Michaels

The life insurance and retirement market is set for profound change in the next decade.

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New Paradigm for Reinsurance
by James Vickers

Can the global reinsurance market morph into a new paradigm, allowing a more responsible and sustainable market to emerge?

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How AI Can Tackle Claims Staffing Gap
by Thomas Ash

A job description with “acquire AI superpowers” might appeal to millennials more than “study policy footnotes and calculate claim reserves.”

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NPS Scores Provide 3 Keys to Growth
by Corey Brundage

Automation, analytics and the right ecosystem of partners can drive up customer satisfaction and let carriers grow in these chaotic times.

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How to Boost Chance of Being Acquired
by Jason Andrew

The founder of Limelight Health offers three key lessons on how to increase your company’s chances of being acquired.

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