December 8, 2020

Six Things Newsletter | December 8, 2020


In this week's Six Things, Paul Carroll discusses Google's DeepMind, a breakthrough in AI. Plus, smart contracts in insurance; surging costs of cyber claims; 4 stages of dominance in performance; and more.

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A Breakthrough in AI

Paul Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of ITL

You may have seen articles last week about a breakthrough for artificial intelligence in medicine that managed to be arcane and exciting at the same time. Google’s DeepMind solved a 50-year-old problem related to protein folding — news only for geeks, right? Not so: The solution opens up all sorts of possibilities for understanding the inner workings of the human body and for rapid development of drugs.

What I haven’t yet seen explained — amid all the speculation about just how many Nobel Prizes in Medicine will spring from the work — is that the type of AI that DeepMind developed to solve the protein-folding conundrum should also provide breakthroughs in insurance. This type of AI can take dead aim at some core issues in insurance, especially in underwriting and claims…  continue reading >

The Future of Blockchain Series
Episode 1: Usage in Personal Lines

Blockchain has incredible potential to impact traditional business functions and inspire new innovative opportunities

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Smart Contracts in Insurance
by Ivan Kot

Smart contracts will likely be used first for simpler insurance processes like underwriting and payouts, then scale as technology and the law allow.

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Time to Try Being an Entrepreneur?
by Kate Terry

With businesses cutting back, many are asking that question. But there are huge misconceptions about how to think about the issue.

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Surging Costs of Cyber Claims
by Thomas Kang

With home-working widespread because of COVID-19, security around access and authentication points is critical.

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4 Stages of Dominance in Performance
by Kevin Trokey

Chances are, you have natural gifts. However, many of the skills you need must be developed, nurtured and maintained intentionally.

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Vintage Wine? Sure. But Vintage Tech?
by Ian Jeffrey

Legacy systems that have evolved over long periods can be bloated and far less efficient and cost-effective than more modern technologies.

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Do Health Plans Have the Right Data?
by Denise Olivares

Health plans strive to deliver efficiency and great customer experiences and improve care outcomes. But what data are they missing?

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