Thomas Ash

Thomas Ash

Thomas Ash, senior vice president, brings 30 years of experience in healthcare, insurance and workers compensation to CLARA analytics, the leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the commercial insurance industry. With leadership responsibility for CLARA’s business development, he plays an instrumental role in the execution of CLARA’s aggressive growth strategy as the company scales to meet market demand.

Prior to CLARA, Ash spent five years developing a successful consulting business in which he helped dozens of leading companies accelerate growth and profitability while dramatically improving service delivery and increasing customer satisfaction. He also served in executive roles at Ametros Financial, Progressive Medical Inc., Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, Interplan Health Group, First Health and Occucare International.

Ash received a bachelor of science degree in business from Arizona State University and studied for his masters in business administration at Heriot-Watt University.

Recent Articles by Thomas Ash

How AI Can Tackle Claims Staffing Gap

Commercial insurance faces a growing claims adjuster staffing gap. On the retirement end, there’s a rising tide of experienced adjusters leaving the profession. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly 10,000 baby boomers retire each day in the U.S., and about 25% of them leave positions in the insurance and financial services sector. Seasoned adjusters […]

‘Scalable Compassion’ in Workers’ Comp

It’s a common story: A worker falls off a ladder while performing his job and gets hurt. A bone is broken, a disc is ruptured — the worker is in pain and can’t go to work. He files a workers’ comp claim but needs a doctor right away and chooses one at random. As the […]

How to Recruit Claims Adjusters

If you look at a list of preferred jobs of college graduates, “claims adjuster” might not make the list. Insurance claims operations likely seem foreign to a 21- or 22-year old who probably has never had to file a claim. There is limited understanding about what is involved or why. One doesn’t hear much about […]

Why AI Is Not a Threat to Human Jobs

A lot of the concern about artificial intelligence in the workplace appears to be based on what people have seen in cartoons, read in novels or watched in sci-fi movies, portraying a world overtaken by robots. Now that AI-based systems and applications are gaining ground, people are getting nervous about the role of machines. Will […]

Ready for AI? Why It Doesn’t Matter (Part 2)

In my previous article, I addressed some of the apprehension associated with artificial intelligence (AI). Now that AI is real and being put to work outside of research labs, some are afraid of losing their jobs to machines. Others worry that the technology could be misused, reinforce biases or perhaps get co-opted for more nefarious […]

Ready for AI? Why It Doesn’t Matter (Part 1)

There are rumblings of fear and nervousness about the long-term impact of artificial intelligence (AI). Are we ready? Have we thought through the potential consequences? More and more questions pop up, which is understandable considering AI’s capacity for profound change. But it doesn’t really matter if we’re ready for AI or not. Let’s consider what […]

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