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The Unique Skills in Each Generation

Based on when we’re born, we’re automatically a member of a generation, a group that’s generally been exposed to the same influences, events, and pressures. For those reasons, those groups, or generations, often exhibit shared characteristics. Luckily, each generation has something different and valuable to offer the workplace.

Take the youngest people in your office: They’re called millennials. They’ve never known a world without computers or smart devices, making them extremely technologically savvy. They also tend to be more socially responsible and in search of work-life balance.

At the other end of the age spectrum are silents. This group, the last of whom was born in 1945, are marked by their loyalty and work ethic, among other traits.

How will the various groups affect your company, and how can you mix them with success? Use this graphic to find out.


This image was originally created by AkkenCloud and can be found here.