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Leap Year: Season 2, Episode 6 – What It Takes To Win

The C3D team are facing a typical entrepreneurial reality. Just when they thought things couldn’t get any tougher, yet another challenge presents itself. Thanks to Aaron and Bryn’s spontaneous make out session at the bar, Bryn hopped on a plane back to San Fran and it’s up to Aaron and Jack to make the TechStars presentation on their own. It might leave a bad taste in their mouths, but subterfuge is now the only way to win this contest, and save C3D. As usual, Jack smooth talks Aaron into going along and then the fun begins.

The sabotage takes many forms, including a Watergate-style meeting in a garage, Aaron as a fake driver and the old glass of water on the keyboard trick. Unfortunately, this is something that’s happened by mistake before (the water on the keyboard that is). For example, say you accidentally spilled water, coffee, RedBull or some other liquid on a client’s laptop, or even your own equipment. Would you be on the hook for the cost of the laptop and the cost of retrieving their data? Is there a way to protect yourself against these unfortunate circumstances? Of course there’s a way to protect yourself. The Electronic Data package as part of your business owner insurance would help pay to replace the damaged equipment, costs to get the data back and any business interruption. A nice, inexpensive safety net to protect against unexpected problems.

It’s too late for the other teams in the TechStars competition, though. Once again, Jack and Aaron made it through and C3D lives on to fight another day. Their welcome reception back in San Francisco is more than a little bittersweet for Aaron as he continues to wrestle with his conscience. The sideways glance Lisa gave him when he talked to Bryn couldn’t have helped his nerves at all.

Latest crisis averted. Now on to the next one — will Bryn keep working to complete the prototypes in time, or has her romantic interest in Aaron thrown everything completely off track once again? And what happens when Olivia tells everybody that Derek is a spy in their midst?

Leap Year: Season 2, Episode 5 – The Very Idea Of Loving Love

Some covert operations, an exploding flour robot and a majorly non-inspiring pep talk from Glenn Cheeky about his childhood pet pig — and now C3D is back in NY. Jack, Aaron and Bryn are back home for the Techstars competition hosted by the still strangely inspiring Mr. Cheeky. With yet another do or die situation confronting them, the team is stumped by Glenn’s assignment to create a business plan related to the concept of love. Well, they better come up with a plan quick.

Techstars is just what this company needs right now — a startup accelerator. Techstars is one of the most successful startup accelerators and what they do is help out startups by providing the mentoring, tools and funding (sometimes) that these companies need to grow. C3D is a perfect candidate, and the funding and guidance from Techstars could be just what they need to put them over the top.

As we’ve already seen this season and last, life can be pretty hectic in a startup, and mistakes can be made, even if you’re doing your best. That’s why a useful companion to a startup accelerator for a new business is a startup protector in the form of Tech insurance. The C3D team could use this to protect them from software copyright infringement, an underperforming technology upgrade or even a client who’s just unhappy with their work and files a suit. Hopefully C3D uses this opportunity to boost their business without creating any new problems — they have enough already.

What technology startup insurance can’t protect against are horror shows like Jack’s hair back in college. Whatever look he was going for, it’s not happening. Oh, those crazy college days. But, just when we find out how Aaron and Lisa initially found love, the working relationship between Aaron and Bryn gets a lot closer than we anticipated. How’s he going to wiggle his way out of this one? And how will the team come up with a concept that can win the Techstars competition and help accelerate their business?

Leap Year: Season 2, Episode 3 – Of All The Gin Joints

Leap Year Season 2: Episode 3 by Mashable

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for C3D, they really did. Even without any equipment or prototypes, a trashed office, an accelerated launch schedule (thanks Jack!) and no insurance money to rebuild (thanks Glenn Cheeky!), it still felt like the team could pull it off. But, having the company bank account drained is just the perfect sour cherry on top of their sad sundae of a business. It’s no wonder Olivia wanted to quit. I’m sure she’s not the only one.

The bank account hack really threw C3D for a loop. Unfortunately, this type of thing happens more often than you’d think and it’s often an inside job. But, just like their coverage for the damaged equipment from last week’s break-in (if they could report it), there’s a way to protect a company from employee theft. If C3D added a commercial crime package to their business owner’s policy, they’d be reimbursed for fraudulent transfers, employee theft, forged checks and other dishonest acts that might happen.

So, about that rival company, Livefy. It’s hard to believe that the office being destroyed and the bank account hack aren’t tied together. Jack’s romantic wanderings have once again caused trouble for the team. It seems like June Pepper was very busy while she had Jack detained on her couch at the beginning of the season. What about Sam the Livefy CEO that Jack and Aaron invited over to threaten and dress down? That didn’t exactly work out as planned. Jack is going to have to pull of a miracle to make this work and regain the support of his team.

But, why was Sam so harsh to Jack and Aaron and so sweet with Olivia? I’ve got a hunch her feelings might change once she realizes she’s sleeping with the enemy.

If their rival Livefy really did all of these things why wouldn’t C3D want revenge? The only problem is, the notion of getting revenge is always better than actually doing it. They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but C3D needs to do something now before they transform from a hot startup into Silicon Valley’s latest cold leftovers.