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How to Think About That LinkedIn Offer

A “Congrats!” email from LinkedIn lands in your in-box, inviting you to “publish” through them.Your initial reaction: “Cool! Now I’ve got another platform where I can publish myself!”

But before you start banging away on your keyboard, save yourself valuable time by first following these steps:

  1. Ask yourself: “Do I really need to publish on LinkedIn?”
  2. If the answer is “yes,” map out your individual posts, using as your guide the 10 most frequently asked questions, or FAQs, you field from clients.
  3. Finally, schedule when you’ll set aside time each week to do your writing.

Following these guidelines is a quick and simple way to get going — if you decide to proceed.

Do you really want to publish on LinkedIn?

It might seem like a silly question. But I’ve coached businesses that have witnessed growth in their website traffic of more than 600% in 60 days using just a single medium. In other words, they didn’t use a social media platform or online targeted advertising, otherwise known as retargeting. They used email marketing.

And let’s be honest: LinkedIn’s strategy here is no different from that of Google+. As with any smart platform, the real agenda is to get people to post valuable content through on LinkedIn. That helps a platform like LinkedIn to build interaction, nurture a community and promote engagement.

The promise is: “If you write for us, people will find you more easily.” As a result, more people will ultimately come to your website.

But it’s still important to ask yourself if you really need a new platform like LinkedIn. It won’t be the last platform asking you to contribute content.

If LinkedIn fits your current marketing agenda, great. If not, fine. It’s a reasonable bet they’ll be around if you change your mind.

Use your Top 10 FAQs as a writing guide

No need to bang your head against the wall for material. Take five minutes and jot down the top 10 questions you get from clients on a weekly basis. Then write a clear answer to each question. Those will be your posts.

Bang out as many responses as you can over a stretch of 20 minutes or so. You could probably handle about one question in five minutes.

If you hate writing, dictate your answers to your phone’s recording application, like DropVox or QuickVoice2Text Email. Then, find someone online to transcribe them. Fiverr offers a great service for $5.

Once you get the transcript back, just edit, copy and paste away.

You may be asking what to do once you’ve dealt with your top 10 FAQs. Move on to your so-called “should ask questions,” or SAQs. These are the questions your target audience should be asking, but aren’t. The SAQs will help position you as a true expert, taking your audience to a new level of thinking.

Schedule your posts

To avoid getting overwhelmed, block out 20 to 30 minutes each week to do your writing. Choose a time when you’ve got a clear mind and are feeling “on your toes.”

That’s all there is to it – if, of course, you’ve decided to publish on LinkedIn.

Three Steps to Sneak Past Gatekeepers Using – Of All Things – YouTube

If you’re targeting prime prospects who

  • don’t reply to your emails
  • don’t return your calls
  • or screen you through gatekeepers

Try this little-known YouTube strategy.

Imagine getting a video where someone says YOUR name in it?

 “John, I recorded this short video for you because I think I can help you…”

It’s a powerful connection builder.

Because the one-to-many approach is so easy, very few advisors use a one-to-one approach to video marketing.

However, there is a stealth way you can do this for free and open up doors that used to be closed.

Step 1: Record a video using YouTube’s “Webcam record” feature.

This will allow you to record a quick video without all the equipment and lighting. You’ll get an instant link you can copy and paste into your email.


Step 2: Give away something that will help make prospects’ lives easier.

Don’t just ask for an appointment; give them something to prove you’re an expert.

Separate yourself from the herd by sharing a secret, strategy or technique that will help them with their current insurance situation.

Use a script like this:

“Hi, Lawrence, I’ve recorded this short video because I’m helping CEOs like you in Dallas lower their risk and protect their employees.

“I’m sure your insurance advisor is great. However, there’s a little-known strategy most don’t use to help software companies like yours because it’s just too complex.

“I’ve been using it for seven years and implemented it with 28 other software companies like yours with great results.

“It’s all in my special report [Hold up a copy for them to see] called “The Five Most Critical Trends Facing Software Companies, and How to Protect Yourself from Them.”

“Just reply to this email, and I’ll send it to you, or click on the link to get access to my calendar, and I’ll review it with you over a 15-minute conversation to see if you qualify.”


Step 3: Add a link to your online calendar to take the next step.

Sign up for a tool like Timetrade, which allows you to publish an online calendar you control. Others can sign up to be on your calendar, and it automatically populates into Outlook or Gmail. Paste that link into your email.


Step 4: Send a short email.

Remember, your ONLY goal is to get them to watch the video. Don’t waste time.

Use this format:

[subject line] Lawrence


I’ve been trying to reach you without success. So I recorded this short video for you.

My calendar: [link]


[your name]

At first, you’ll take a bit longer to get it all set up, but once you do you’ll be able to get each email/video done in nine minutes or less.

Remember, be yourself in your video – everyone else is already taken wink

Ok, let’s recap:

Step 1 – Record a short video via YouTube.

Step 2 – Give away something of value that helps your prospects.

Step 3 – Set up your online calendar for easy scheduling.

Step 4 – Write and send the email.