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How Effective is Your Safety and Health Committee?

Is your company’s safety and health committee meetings becoming repetitive and/or ineffective? Need some new guidelines to help increase your company’s profit and productivity?

Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety suggests the following parameters to self-evaluate and help “jump-start” your safety and health committee efforts:

  • Make sure committee members names are posted so all workers have access to them.
  • All employees need to know each committee members duties and authority.
  • Provide sufficient support to committee members to achieve their assigned duties. This support needs to include: adequate time (paid), funds, accident/incident reports, and training documentation.
  • Periodically survey all workers to ensure your committee is valued as providing safety leadership.
  • Monitor employee suggestions to committee members and provide a timely response to each suggestion.
  • Make sure workers do not view your committee as a means to lessen senior management’s responsibility for providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Select a senior manager to serve on your committee, to show top management’s commitment and credibility.
  • Implemented committee recommendations need to be tracked.
  • All committee meetings minutes, actions recommended, and current status all needed to recorded and available to each employee.

By periodically evaluating, monitoring, and upgrading your safety and health committee, you can make a positive impact on your company’s profit, productivity, and morale.