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September 11, 2018 — 1051 views

Ley-Line Advisory, Inc. Partners with ITL Innovator’s Edge™ to Transform Insurance Companies IT and SAP® Platforms

Ley-Line Advisory, Inc., an IT Advisory and SAP® Consulting firm announced today that it has established a strategic partnership with ITL Innovator’s Edge™, an insurance and risk-focused innovation platform that is part of the SAP® Partner’s Edge platform to strengthen and commit to helping the industry transform its IT portfolio towards an intelligent enterprise.

The partnership provides access to resources, services and benefits that will help, maintain and optimize business results. Jointly Ley-Line and ITL Innovators Edge will enable insurance customers and partners to easily architect and integrate actionable programs within their business strategy to drive significant Growth Through Innovation™.

“The evolution of the insurance industry is at a point where greater efficiencies must be applied to internal business processes and customer-facing applications, as well as greater attention paid to developing new products and services to address the gaps and white spaces created by shifts in risk itself. Combining existing assets and experiences, along with our new relationship with Ley-Line Advisory and earlier this year with SAP®, uniquely positions us to take advantage of tools and technology to help companies achieve these efficiencies and accelerate growth through innovation,” said Wayne Allen, CEO, ITL Innovator’s Edge.

Read the complete press release here.


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