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September 19, 2017 — 2236 views

ITL introduction leads to Berkley investment in Pypestream

We are pleased to announce that Pypestream Inc. has attracted strategic investment and board participation from W.R. Berkley Corp., following an introduction made by Insurance Thought Leadership.

Greenwich, Conn.-based Berkley, a Fortune 500 property/casualty insurer specializing in commercial and specialty lines through more than 50 operating units, made an unspecified venture investment in Pypestream, and Michael Nannizzi, a director at Berkley will join Pypestream’s board of directors. Read the full release from Pypestream.

“We salute the powerful combination of Pypestream’s customer-centricity value prop and W.R. Berkley’s innovation leadership,” said Dave Dias, chairman and founder of ITL.

ITL has been an early champion and active promoter of Pypestream to our friends in the insurance industry. The company’s secure A.I.-powered chatbot technology is a game changer for the industry, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction while lowering expenses. And as impressed as we are with its technology, we are equally impressed by the innovation, drive and professionalism of the Pypestream team.

Dave Dias serves on the executive council for Pypestream. And Donna Peeples, chief customer officer of Pypestream, serves on the advisory board of ITL.

ITL’s mission to help our network be smarter about the drivers transforming the industry and to connect members in ways that lead to innovation and enable that transformation. As part of that, we work with a selected number of the most innovative companies like Pypestream to help them to engage with the insurance market, make C-suite introductions and position themselves as innovative solution providers. An ITL introduction led to Crawford & Co.’s acquisition in 2016 of 85% of WeGoLook.

Our Innovator’s Edge platform is also designed to facilitate connections among innovators and the insurance marketplace at scale, tracking thousands of early stage innovators and entrepreneurs and providing the tools for insurance industry innovators to research, analyze and connect with these companies. For more information about IE, visit

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