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September 9, 2016 — 4181 views

Calling all insurtech companies – Innovator’s Edge delivers marketing muscle and social connections


Innovator's Edge feed


Insurance Thought Leadership is highlighting more than 400 startup companies in Innovator’s Edge, a new, exclusive community designed for insurance innovators to promote their companies and make connections that will drive business success.

ITL created Innovator’s Edge to be a destination for discovering, following and engaging with key players in the insurtech community–startups, insurance companies, service providers, advisors, investors, regulators and more. Our goal is to provide greater connectivity to the seekers and providers of insurance innovation.

At the moment, more than 400 insurtech startups are featured in Innovator’s Edge and being discovered when users browse and search for solutions. When startups expand their profile it provides a targeted marketing channel to control their message, amplify their voice and more effectively engage with the community—an audience hungry for information on the insurtech sector.

Key features of Innovator’s Edge:

  • More than 400 insurtech startup profiles and growing for discovery and analysis.
  • Nearly 50 categories for filtering companies by focus.
  • Keyword search to go beyond categories and get even more detailed results.
  • Social feed to promote updates, share events and commentary, and to share with external social networks.
  • Profile members get tools and functionality to promote their company and thought leadership.




Build a profile that actually tells your story

  • A story that is clear and compelling to peers, investors and, most importantly, customers.
  • A story that raises visibility and promotes solutions within a community focused exclusively on insurtech innovations.
  • A story that captures attention and helps startups connect with those who matter most.

Position your company in the market

  • Through a dynamic profile, rich in multi-media, thought leadership and product information.
  • Through commentary and updates in the Innovator’s Edge social feed that showcase a company’s products, people and activities for its followers.

Build connections for business

  • Today, as we launch, the Innovator’s Edge is entirely focused on serving insurtech startup companies. It soon will be introduced to the broader insurance innovation marketplace, allowing additional companies and individuals to build their innovation brand and engage with the Innovator’s Edge community.
  • Innovator’s Edge will continue to add more startups, deliver more capabilities and features and expand its reach to allow insurtech startups to market themselves, attract followers in a social channel and make the connections that drive business growth.

Where else can insurtech startups build the best connections with everyone in the insurance innovation ecosystem in one location? Enhancing an Innovator’s Edge profile for a startup company  costs only $249 annually, or about $20 per month.

For companies and entrepreneurs that need help telling their story or building a profile, ITL is ready to assist. ITL also can help companies to amplify their voice, gain attention from the market, highlight the challenges they solve and build connections. Contact us for more information.

To join Innovator’s Edge, visit Innovators Edge today.

Any questions about Innovator’s Edge? Please feel free to contact Paul Winston,

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