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February 14, 2017 — 2189 views

Innovator’s Edge enhanced to make direct insurance innovation connections

Innovator's Edge

Innovator’s Edge introduces a new technology solution to connect insurtech startups with established insurance providers, creating an online marketplace for insurance innovation and helping startups be discovered by potential customers.

Innovator’s Edge Exchange is a new feature within the Innovator’s Edge platform (, which was launched by Insurance Thought Leadership in 2016 to provide greater connectivity to the seekers and providers of insurance innovation. Innovator’s Edge is a destination for discovering and researching insurtech innovators, and driving engagement among key players in the insurance innovation community–startups, insurance companies, service providers, advisors, investors, regulators and more.

Currently, more than 800 insurtech startups organized into nearly 50 categories are featured in Innovator’s Edge and are being discovered when members browse and search for insurtech solutions.

“Insurtechs need access to executives in the insurance industry and executives in the insurance industry need access to insurtechs to harness the power of their innovation. Innovator’s Edge Exchange was created to create more efficient connections between both parties,” says Dave Dias, Chairman and Founder of Insurance Thought Leadership. “Our motto is that we are a catalyst for transformation, and the new platform helps build relationships, deliver new capabilities and spread innovative ideas to drive that transformation.”

Innovator’s Edge is open to two categories of members: insurtech startups and insurance providers, which includes carriers, reinsurers, brokers, advisories, TPAs and any other established insurance industry companies that want to research and connect with insurtechs.

For the remainder of February, membership is free to insurtech startups to get them on board to drive greater visibility for their brand and position them for successful connections with potential customers among the insurance providers.

Innovator’s Edge Exchange has three main elements:
• First, the insurtech profile highlights a startup’s capabilities and solutions, leadership team, and contact information. Profiles are rich in multimedia content to allow the insurtech startup to tell its story.
• Next, a matchmaking process allows both insurtech startups and insurance providers to define and communicate their preferences to target the kind of companies they want to connect with.
• The final element is the Market Maturity Review, a series of modules to gather information on the areas insurance providers are most interested in: technology, operations, strategic focus, regulatory compliance, and funding for the startup.

To sign up today, visit and use Innovator’s Edge to create the connections that both insurtech startups and established insurance providers need to transform insurance.

About Insurance Thought Leadership:

Insurance Thought Leadership’s mission is to serve the insurance and risk management industry by providing a powerful platform to the smartest thought leaders with the best ideas. We help people understand the drivers transforming the insurance industry. We also connect people and businesses in ways that lead to innovation and drive that transformation. ITL’s web site,, is a platform for thought leadership on insurance innovation. The company also organizes private executive events for insurance industry C-suite executives. ITL technology serves targeted membership communities, such as Innovator’s Edge, and the company also has a formal program to create high-level introductions and connections between the most promising insurance technologies and executives of insurance providers interested in their solutions. To sign up for ITL’s weekly email of the best thought leadership visit:


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