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Insurers recognize the need for creating dynamic customer experiences, capturing the hearts of Millennials and driving the best possible agent-customer relationships to keep customer satisfaction high.

We help today’s insurers improve their digital capabilities so they can connect and engage with customers more frequently in a highly personalized style, with products and services tailored to the unique needs of individuals. We’re creating captivating customer experiences with complete views of customer data, third-party data and unstructured data from social media and new wearables technology. We help put the power of both agent and customer experience back in your hands to optimize the total insurance value chain from quoting to policy administration. Explore the All Channel Experience difference and see how agents and digital channels are forging a new world of dynamic experiences that keep customers looking for more.

Cloud-Enabled Transformation
When the Cloud Makes Sense
Cloud Transformation

Profiling the Insurer of the Future
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Digital Transformation at Zurich

Typical Benefits From Transforming Insurance Customer Experiences Leveraging the Cloud

  • Increased incremental policy conversions and gross written premiums
  • Significantly enhanced customer experiences and retention
  • Less time architecting and integrating technology; More time designing customer journeys for better customer experiences
  • More effective guidance from first contact to sale without increasing customer service staff
  • Increased agent performance and retention as a result of smarter agent tools, higher cross-sell and up-sell opportunities and more effective customer servicing

  • Setting more accurate prices with fewer actuaries through data that provides more information about an individual customer’s behavior
  • Driving down operational costs by creating straight-through processes and eliminating paper, as well as reducing claims fraud by employing stronger analytics

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