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Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar

Yael Tamar is a blockchain strategist, storyteller, speaker, adviser and mentor. She is CMO at iOlite, increasing blockchain adoption by streamlining smart contracts. In 2017, Tamar founded TopOfBlockchain, making sense of blockchain technology and ventures with the right marketing strategy and business and token models.

Tamar has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and communications as the chief marketing officer at iOlite, a blockchain-based engine translating natural language into code for smart contracts and DApps, chief communications officer at VeganNation, decentralized ecosystem for vegans powered by VeganCoin, director of marketing at Billion Vegans and several more executive roles in marketing, PR and communications in various industries, including finance, alternative energy and telecommunications.

Tamar has been providing social media, content and communications strategy and implementation services to clients since the early days of social media marketing in 2010. She is an entrepreneur who founded and sold a vegan food supplements company, operating in Israel, Russia and the U.S., and co-founded several tech startups.

Tamar has an MA in behavioral economics from the City University of New York.

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