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William Zachry

William Zachry has been the vice president of risk management for Safeway (the third largest retail grocery company in the U.S.) since 2001. He oversees Safeway’s nationwide self-insured, self-administered workers’ compensation program of 11 locations with 125 claims staff. There are 170,000 employees as part of Safeway’s 1,700 stores, 30 manufacturing plants, and 7 distribution centers.

Before joining Safeway, Zachry was senior vice president and COO of eStellarNEt, an internet B2B medical bill and attachment clearinghouse for the workers’ compensation industry, and he spent several years as vice president of Zenith Insurance, where he was responsible for staffing and claims results for the California claims operations.

Zachry was appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to the board of directors of the State Compensation Insurance Fund. He has also been chair of the State of California Fraud Assessment Commission and served on the board of the Self-Insurance Security Fund in California.

William attended both Stanford and San Francisco State Universities where he obtained credentials in Business Administration, Personnel & Industrial Relations, and Wage & Salary Administration.

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