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William Freitag

William Freitag

William Freitag is executive vice president and leads the consulting business at Majesco. Prior to joining Majesco, Freitag was chief executive officer and managing partner of Agile Technologies (acquired by Majesco in 2015). He founded the company in 1997 to meet companies’ increasingly complex business processing and information technology requirements.

Freitag has guided Agile’s growth – and that of its clients – by providing superlative services, including business and IT strategy, process innovation, governance, project management, development, quality assurance and support services. Prior to founding Agile, Freitag played a key role in the divestiture of Crum & Foster from Xerox Corporation, managing the restructuring of a $70 million IT services corporation specializing in commercial property and casualty insurance. Freitag also served as director of enterprise consulting for a $300 million professional services firm with 4,000 professionals in seven countries. His 20 years of experience spans multiple industries, including insurance, financial services, pharmaceuticals and the public sector. He began his career as a systems engineer for RCA. Freitag has a B.S. in mathematics from Fairfield University and attended the Executive Education program at Harvard Business School.

Recent Articles by William Freitag

‘It’s the Customer Experience, Stupid’

Borrowing a line from James Carville’s presidential campaign advice, “It’s the economy, stupid,” we need to grasp the real source of sustained growth and say to ourselves, “It’s the customer experience, stupid.” Can we wake up and focus on the customer experience? Do we truly understand what they want? Do we understand that customer experience […]

How to Lead Change (Part 3)

Disruption in the market is threatening to isolate some insurers, keeping them on the outside of new opportunities. But many insurers are embracing the competitive pressures and shifting market boundaries to position themselves for growth. They are navigating their organizations through healthy changes as a part of an overall plan for transformation. We all know […]

How to Lead Change (Part 2)

Change is hard work. Those who don’t think organizational change is risky and problematic should stop and put themselves in the shoes of those being affected by the change.  Considering multiple viewpoints is important to successfully managing change. In reality, the only way you can know just how difficult change is to the organization is […]

How to Lead Change in an Organization

Change is personal. So, change management has to be personal, too. No matter how we aim to motivate people to change, and no matter how organized we try to make our transformation plan, our change efforts will suffer if we don’t accept the reality of human emotion. People and their strengths, foibles, feelings and notions […]

How Actuaries Can Be Faster, More Efficient

There are two high-level motivators in the case for actuarial transformation. First, there is insurance profitability. Insurance profitability has its roots in actuarial precision and efficiency. Insurers stand to lose profits (and reserves) if they do not properly understand risk and price it accordingly. Actuarial precision (and profitability) can be dramatically improved through better data […]

Why Insurers Need to Transform

Would insurers rather be enticed and pulled into the future by the motivation and promise of transformational technologies or pushed into transformation by circumstances that lie outside of their control? This is a question every CEO and CIO should face and answer as they evaluate the next steps in modernization that will lead to their secure […]

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