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Werner Rapberger

Werner Rapberger

Werner Rapberger is a principal director in Accenture’s distribution and marketing practice for insurance. He is responsible for various clients and projects in insurance and also leads the global offering development for connected insurance and IOT insurance.

Rapberger joined Accenture in 2001 and has led several projects and initiatives in Accenture’s insurance industry practice. Before that, he obtained degrees for business administration and law at the university of Vienna. Rapberger’s special area of expertises are IOT, connected insurance, new business models around platforms and ecosystems as well as digital initiatives around CRM, physical and digital channels and analytics.

Recent Articles by Werner Rapberger

Drones: a Soaring Opportunity

The impact of drones in multiple industry sectors, including insurance, has been the subject of increasing interest. Market research is making a forceful case that drones are a technology that insurers cannot afford to ignore–drone uptake globally and their growing capabilities present multiple opportunities for insurers. A recent Goldman Sachs report forecast that drones will create a […]

New Applications for Drones

Drones are becoming widely used in a variety of industries, including insurance. As mentioned last week, millions are expected to be sold in 2017, with PwC calculating the global market for the commercial application of drones at more than $127 billion. So how are insurers using drones right now, and what opportunities are arising? Though drones […]

Insuring Drones – A Growing Opportunity

Drones are flying higher than ever. A recent Goldman Sachs forecast values the overall market opportunity for drones at $100 billion between now and 2020. Gartner predicts that global sales of drones for personal and commercial use will hit $6 billion this year and grow to $11.2 billion by 2020. But, as drone sales and applications grow, drone accidents […]

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